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We work with brands and individuals to connect with their audience through engaging viral marketing campaigns and social media management.

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Based in Los Angeles, California

People and Companies That We Have Worked With

• Daniel Wellington
• Beloved Shirts
• University of Toronto, St. George
• Fifth Watch
• The Vent App
• Commaful
• CaseApp
• Yummy Sushi Restaurant
• Hair of Orange
• Your Tea
• Beautiful Halo
• Sammy Dress
• Holy Meme Bible
• Fidgetty Cube
• Gfycat
• Andreas Weigend (Former Chief Scientist of Amazon)
• Pixie Pacific
• Kendall Ryan (NY Times and USA Today bestselling American novelist)

Case Studies

Beloved Shirts

Beloved Shirts is an apparel brand that specializes in all-over-prints. They are known for their products such as the pizza sweater, onesies, and blankets.

Through influencer promotion, we were able to help Beloved establish presence on Tumblr by creating viral posts and distributing it across millions of dashboards. One of the influencer post, featuring the Doge onesie, was reblogged and liked over 100,000 times.

Beloved's extensive catalog of fun and exciting products, coupled with influencer campaigns set on Tumblr and Instagram, helped the company reach over $2m in sales in 2015.


Fifthtee is an apparel brand that pledges a fifth of all its proceeds to give sheltered animals a second chance in life. They work with the nation's largest no-kill animal shelter Best Friends Animal Society and help them raise funds for food, medical care, and shelter for the homeless animals.

Wonghaus helped them create a viral video and published it on Tumblr. The one minute video showed a girl wearing a Fifthtee shirt and doing her make up, drawing phallic-shaped illustrations all over her face and eventually blended it to show a perfect contouring job. Through influencer effort, the viral gained 40,000 notes on Tumblr within 24 hours, and currently sits at over 100,000 notes. The video was featured on publications such as The Cosmopolitan, Mashable, Buzzfeed, NextShark, The Daily Dot, and more.

The video helped Fifthtee's logo gain exposure to millions of views across the world, increase Fifthtee's followers on Instagram and gave the brand press attention.


Vent is a social networking app that allows you to express your feelings anonymously and share it publicly with everyone that uses the app.

Wonghaus helped Vent with user acquisition during March 2016 and worked solely on Tumblr. We managed a team of 25 influencers on a PPI based campaign. The campaign ran for 2 months, and we were able to achieve an average of 14k installs per days from users across iOS and Android. Wonghaus created engaging gif set ads promoting the app, and shared feedbacks from the community in the process. The testimonials from users on Tumblr, coupled with the constantly changing gif sets of Vent, allowed for the campaign to scale and reach top 50 in the Social Network category of the US app store.

On May 5th, 2016, Vent reached 1 million registered users on the app.

Holy Meme Bible

The Holy Meme Bible was Wonghaus's first viral eCommerce-based product. The Holy Meme Bible (HMB) curated sixteen of 2016’s most iconic memes from Harambe to Spongar to Crying Jordan and transformed them into coloring book activities. In order to market the book, Wonghaus leveraged its experience and connections in the influencer market to promote HMB across all social media platforms.

As a result, Over 1000 books were sold in first 24 hours and over 30,000 books were sold in the next three months. The HMB exceeded the initial sales goal and went on to make $100,000 within the first 7 days of launch. HMB also appeared on multiple publications including Forbes, Buzzfeed, Shopify, Future sharks, and Product Hunt.


In March 2017, Wonghaus worked with Fidgetty to promote its collection of Fidgety toys such as the Fidgetty Cube and Fidgetty Spinners.

Influencer campaigns were conducted on both Twitter and Tumblr. Fidgetty had great success working with influencers on Tumblr, achieving a high of 361.60% ROI on some campaigns with an weighted average of 286.94% ROI across various promotional strategies. Wonghaus also managed and executed Facebook targeted campaigns for Fidgetty, achieving an average ofover 200% ROI in its campaigns.

Beginning in March, Fidgetty has sold over 4,000 products.

Data For the People

Wonghaus worked with Andreas Weigend, former chief scientist at Amazon to promote his book Data for the People. We set up the book's social media accounts (FB & Twitter) and its main website. After working closely with Mr. Weigend, reading the book and visiting events in San Francisco, we were able to produce and curate contents for the social media accounts continuous until its book launch in January 2017.

The twitter account accumulated over a thousand followers during the process. We were also able to help Mr. Weigend obtain his Twitter verification status. The book was featured in dozens of publications including the Wall Street Journal, LA Times, MarketWatch, Fast Company, and more.

The book sold over 10,000 copies in China in its first week, and had a successful book tour around the country.