Wonghaus Ventures cultivates brands innovating in the digital advertising and consumer product space.

We value ideas that are driven by the ever-changing climate of today's trends, behavior, and interest.

We understand youth culture, the gen-z attitude, and we create products and brands that caters to this audience.

Based in Los Angeles, California

Our Brands & Products

Wonghaus Media
Wonghaus Fulfillment
Dank Tank
Holy Méme Bible
Holy Méme Bath Bomb
Holy Méme Candles
The Encyclopedia Mémepedia (2018)
The Lean Méme Cook Book
Butt Case
You and I

Social Media Marketing

Under Wonghaus Media, we provide the following social media related services:
• Consulting
• Content Development
• Viral Content Development
• Social Media Management
• Paid Acquisition
• Influencer Marketing
• Influencer Management

Jason Wong

Wonghaus Ventures

Jonathan Ge

Wonghaus Media

Sana Altaf

Lead Graphic Designer
Dank Tank

Jenna Kay Foertsch

Senior Meme Researcher
Dank Tank

Kevin Price

Senior Meme Developer
Dank Tank

Red Cuevas Rojas

Senior Meme Researcher
Dank Tank

Koven Wei

Creative Director
Wonghaus Ventures

Jen Huang

Internet Trends Adviser
Dank Tank

Xian Zheng

Influencer Relations
Wonghaus Ventures

Matthew Boils

Senior Media Buyer
Wonghaus Media